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  • Lippy Finds!

    November 24, 2010 | Posted By: | beauty · make up · We Recommend |

    Chantecaille lip gloss

    Priced at £22 for a fairly small amount, This product is not exactly cheap. However many customers have complained of not being able to find the right lip colour for daytime use…  here it is!¬

    Why we like- Mainly because of the perfectly muted natural tones which suits ALL skin complexions(we’re talking black, caucasian, asain…everyone!), although this is essentially a lip gloss, the creamy consistency gives good colour coverage. Not too ‘glossy’ so perfect for day time wear. Not sticky- it’s actually advertised as a lip healing gloss

    If matched with a good lip liner, the effects are lip “plumpingly” marvelous!

    suggestions, MAC’s ‘Spice’ or BOBBY BROWN’s ‘henna’


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    It Was FUN!

    November 17, 2010 | Posted By: | beauty · Events · make up · News · PinkCrust · special nights |

    It was great to see our regular and some new customers attend our ‘Make up tips night’. there was food, drink and loads of make up advice.

    Customers were especially pleased to receive their goodie bags, which included two gorgeous colours from REVLON-’all fired up’, a classic and iconic red and ‘plum seduction’, a vibrant shade of purple (which a couple of us are wearing right now!!)BTW we also couldn’t help but love this shot of Jessica Biel wearing ‘all fired up’ in this REVLON campaign (shot but Mario Testino may we add)

    …We Digress. Judging by the smile of these two glowing and flawless customers (mother and daughter, anyone guess that?!), we’d confidently say…”it was a great night”

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    More (FRIENDLY) PC Advice…

    November 8, 2010 | Posted By: | beauty · Fun Stuff · make up · PinkCrust · products |

    This time it’s eyelash extensions. we’ve been seeing a lot of “abuse of use” when it comes to achieving the ‘fluttery eye’ look!

    For everyday wear, Eyelash extensions should be an enhancement to your existing lashes, which in turn highlight yours eyes. However all of us girlies at Pinkcrust, on and off beauty duty, have seen walking examples of….well….um…. something similar to this…….

    seriously…we’re being literal here!



    All we have to say on the matter is, if you looking for gorgeous eyes come in store, you’ll end up with something more like this….

    Left eye:without extensions  Right eye: with semi permanent flared lashes



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    Just Some PC advice…

    November 1, 2010 | Posted By: | beauty · make up · products |

    A good make up base is…..??? To us girlies at PinkCrust the answer to this is really obvious, but not always to others.

    It’s Good skin!  Skin is what your make up sits on so it’s therefore very important for your base to be smooth in order to achieve a smooth look after make up is applied. exfoliation three times a week, cleansing, toning & moisturising for the long-term is of course a must to KEEP skin up to par. Yet many of our customers are admitting to NOT moisturising everyday BUT still wearing make up everyday!!! (confusion, shock, horror…no…seriously) As a result of this knowledge we’d like to say

    “Skipping the cleansing and moisturising, is just not cool”

    In any case we’ve got three fab primers, that really make a difference to how long your make up last and aid in smooth application, enhanced glow and finer pores.                    Bobbi brown vitamin enriched face base, doubles up as a moisturiser, even worn without make up keeps the face matt and smooth looking as well as smelling gorgeous. Very good for daily use. This primer is by far our favorite and regularly used for our bridal make up too.                          YSL top secrets flash radiance. The pearly reflective pigments work very well to add a little highlighting. This product’s very mattifying, perfect for evening looks we think. Laura Mercier foundation primer, is lightweight and absorbs very quickly, it definitely keeps make up on all day and gives a very smooth finish to your make up.  BTW….We’re loving Ms Campbell’s flawless and radiant skin in the latest edition of Russian GQ, who is looking magnificent at 40 (we’re sure she doesn’t skip on her moisturising, toning and exfoliating!!!)

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    Matt v Gloss! We’ll Do Both!!

    October 30, 2010 | Posted By: | beauty · make up · nails · PinkCrust |

    We thought we’d join in the Halloween fun too, and to match our costumes… it’s ‘Orly’ matt black nails (black for obvious reasons) and clear gloss strips (strips,because…well…they’re having yet another fashion moment)

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    Minx….the good and not so great points! AND a good alternative!

    October 25, 2010 | Posted By: | beauty · make up · nails · PinkCrust |

    Minx nails, are available in loads of absolutely fab and crazy designs, that cannot be produced by human hands(well…not as precisely at least). They are quick to apply, meaning no drying time and they do not chip. The drawback comes with the longevity of minx.                                            On the hands they stay in place for approximately 3 days, thereafter they begin to ‘peel back’. To combat this we advise using a top coat daily(sounds like a lot but one coat takes minutes to dry and can be done just before you go to bed or first thing). Also, A UV top coat used straight after application is effective in maintaining minx.

    However…… If you’re looking for standout nails, we’ve discovered ‘chrome nails’, which last approximately two weeks, they take less than 30 minutes to apply and look fantastic!!! There’s even more scoop for variation as patterns can be applied on  top also. Again there is no drying time and chipping is minimal if maintained with a normal lacquer top coat every few days. WE LOVE IT!

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    Camel All The Way

    October 23, 2010 | Posted By: | fashion · make up · trends |

    Well…it’s time to kick start this blog with our first beauty report. Camels having a big moment in fashion, The pinkCrust girlies are loving  stella McCartney’s Camel Peplum jacket  and we’ve found the perfect nail version to boot!!! – Orly’s ‘Coffee break’ is the perfect nude shade and looks brill on short nails. This polish gives excellent coverage in just one coat, but being nail techs, we reccomend two coats with a high shine top coat. A very quick drying colour too! this is Perfect for the office, and can be matched with an array of outfits from black on black to grey and …anything really!

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    Hey all, hey world, hey beauty lovers!

    October 23, 2010 | Posted By: | beauty · make up · PinkCrust |

    For our first ever post, it’s gonna have to be a quick intro; we’re a beauty salon based in Hackney. we definetly keep ourselves posted on whats new and hot in the beauty industry and were fashion lovers too! if were not performing treatments on our clients then we’re doing the above. Since we’re so keen to try everthing out, you may want to check in with us often, we’ll let you know if its good, bad or plain useless. So…we’ll keep you posted xoxo

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