Helpful Information

Explanation Of Our Waxing Levels

Bikini Line

Removal of hairs around the bikini line.

High Bikini:

Removal of hairs around bikini line and removal of hairs around lip area.


Removal of hairs around bikini line (leaving a thin strip), removal of hairs on the lip area and removal of hairs towards back (not including entire back).


Removal of all hair including; underneath naval, inner lip, entire back area.

Types Of Wax

Strip Wax:

Heated, applied with spatula, removed with waxing strips. Available as a creme wax or honey wax usually with soothing elements i.e aloe vera. Usually used on larger areas of the body i.e legs.

Hot Wax/Hard Wax:

Heated, Applied with spatula, removed by hand.


Kinder to skin, helps avoid in-grown hairs, less painful, less irritation. Recommended for intimate or sensitive areas of the body, i.e underarms.