• Couture For Us!

    November 20, 2010 | Posted By: | beauty · fashion · PinkCrust · products · trends |

    One of our PinkCrust girlie’s recently returned from a trip to New York with some amazing gifts for us all,  These were purchased at beauty haven SEPHORA! (no beautician would be worth her title if she didn’t visit this place on a trip to the US).

    Although none of us have never really been fans of the hoodie+matching bottoms trend, Juicy couture has blossomed its brand and were inclined to agree on its ‘whimsical, feminine charm’- speaking solely on the beauty products here. The packaging of juicy couture perfumes and creams suits us to a tee! and the smells are surprisingly divine! have a look…

    Our “Hands down” Favorite is this Limited edition Couture Couture Solid Perfume Ring, If you a fan of sandalwood and Vanilla then beg someone who really loves you to get on a plane, fly to the US, pick this up at Sephora and get back just in time for xmas!

    If not then the following perfumes are all available at the PERFUME SHOP. despite SOME of us loving SOME of the scent’s we can only guesstimate that this would also be the same result on a wider scale….in this case we can only suggest you consider these perfumes on your list when searching for the perfect smell!

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    She Said It…

    November 8, 2010 | Posted By: | fashion · Fun Stuff · PinkCrust |

    “A woman has the age she deserves.”

    Coco Channel



    Chanel-spring 2011 collection

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    Our Edible Louboutins

    October 23, 2010 | Posted By: | Christmas · fashion · Fun Stuff · PinkCrust |

    Nope, these are not real, but they’re not fakes either, the PinkCrust girlies could scarcely believe that this was a cake! a delicious one too!!

    This cake was ordered from and in a node to our much loved louboutins we continued the day in O.P.I ‘keys to Karma’ red. If you wondering about the extreme shine and metalic effect, these nails were painted on top of chrome silver nails (for that you’ll need to pop in to the salon x)

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    Camel All The Way

    October 23, 2010 | Posted By: | fashion · make up · trends |

    Well…it’s time to kick start this blog with our first beauty report. Camels having a big moment in fashion, The pinkCrust girlies are loving  stella McCartney’s Camel Peplum jacket  and we’ve found the perfect nail version to boot!!! – Orly’s ‘Coffee break’ is the perfect nude shade and looks brill on short nails. This polish gives excellent coverage in just one coat, but being nail techs, we reccomend two coats with a high shine top coat. A very quick drying colour too! this is Perfect for the office, and can be matched with an array of outfits from black on black to grey and …anything really!

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