Gels! Not Acrylic Gels!

November 11, 2010 | Posted By: | beauty · nails · PinkCrust · products |

Many customers have come into the salon asking for Gel nail infill, only to discover what is actually on their nails are Acrylics.

so…why is that and whats what? OK….

Acrylic- always in powder form, mixed with liquid monomer to form a gel, applied to nails, left to dry..

acrylic Gel -powder form mixed with liquid to form gel, applied to nails, cured under UV light…

Gels -painted on in gel form, cured under light!

So what’s the difference we here you ask… If it has acrylic in the title the it’s acrylics! All acrylic result in damaged natural nails! we’ll say no more on that.

As for Gels nails,  they DO NOT damage the natural nails, although they are slightly less hard-wearing in comparison to gel nails. Gel nails are quick to apply, they come in a variety of colours, can be refiled and used over tips also. The appearance is also thinner and very ‘natural’ looking. With gel, your nails are protected from breakage. It’s no wonder Gel nails are fast becoming the obvious nail extention choice. We highly recommend Gel nails as when they come off it’s actually possible to not have to cut of all your natural nails and start again!! and yes they are available in pink and white.